About Matplan.se

Getting diverse food planned for you and your family has never been easier.
Imaginative recipes and easy cooking will be easy to achieve with this tool!

Get into randomization

Why not just randomize recipes that has been proven good by previous experience?

But wait, why not also use other peoples experiences?

This site gathers recipes from all users and use clever algorithms to figure out what recipes are actually the ones that would suit you best this week.

Easy-to-cook meals or more difficult but more tasty? Fish fingers and instant mashed potatoes or a complicated good stew? Whatever suits you!

After cooking, rate the recipes to help others find exactly what they need. That way this tool will know more about the food and future searches will be even more accurate.

Some boring information

This site was first published summer 2015.

About me

My name is Johanna and I am bored to death by food preparations most of the time. I'd rather make a tool that tells me what to cook than try to figure out all the week's food ahead. Without a tool, I just randomly fry whatever's in the fridge.

I thought it was time there was a proper tool out there. A tool that would consider your special needs (like allergies or life choices) as well you regular needs (like the need to eat every day).